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Bowler Studio

BowlerStudio generates walking robots you can 3d print out!

BowlerStudio is a robot development application that combines scripting and device management with powerful control and processing features.

BowlerStudio brings the full power of The OpenCV image processing library, a Configurable kinematics engine based on D-H parameters, A Fully Featured JCSG based Cad and 3d Modeling engine, and a Built in WebKit browser capable of viewing documentation and executing code directly from Github Gists. Scripting langauges supported:

  • Java/Groovy
  • Python
  • Clojure

Scripts can be loaded from your hard drive and modified using an editor of your choice, or loaded from Github gists for a truly "backed up in the cloud" coding experience. Scripts can be written in Java/Groovy, Clojure or Jython.

BowlerStudio features the Creature Creator, a design interface that lets users generate robots with slide bars. The application will generate 3d printable STL's that will walk just like the generated robot on the screen.

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The DyIO

The USB DyIO (short for 'Dynamic Input Output'), is an open source robot controller you talk to using Java/Groovy, Clojure or Jython.

The DyIO provides your Java/Groovy, Clojure, Jython and other apps high speed access to a wide, and reconfigurable, variety sensors and actuators commonly used to build robots. The DyIO also has on board real-time capabilities for dynamic control like built-in PID controllers and an advanced Servo Controller capable of smooth, coordinated servo control across all 24 channels.

With your new DyIO you can begin to turn the robots you see on the screen in BowlerStudio into real robots! The DyIO takes advantage of all of the power of your computer or mobile device and dynamically adds inputs and outputs.

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Bowler Studio Alpha Release

Minium Spec: 64 bit 2.2ghz Quad Core w/ 8GB (16GB RAM recommended) ram, OpenGL3.0+ and 512mb disk space

All platforms require Java 64 bit 1.8_51 or greater

Choose your Platform

Download BowlerStudio for:

Windows 64 Bit (7 and 10)

Run Installer and double click on Bowler Studio shortcut on your desktop.

Download BowlerStudio for Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

Open with in "Ubuntu Software Center" and click "Install". Ubuntu will install all dependancies like java for you.

When complete you should be able to select bowler studio in your programs menu (under "other")

You may also run it from the command line

Older Builds (Ubuntu 14.04)

Download BowlerStudio for Mac (10.7+)

Extract ZIP file and double click on bowlerstudio to run

Install the PPA for all of the dependancies and install BowlerStudio

	sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mad-hephaestus/commonwealthrobotics -y
	sudo apt-get update
	sudo apt-get install bowlerstudio oracle-java8-set-default oracle-java8-installer arduino-ide