Alex Camilo

Alex Camilo is a Co-Founder of Neuron Robotics and a co-inventor of the Bowler Communications Sytem

Born and bred in New York City, Alex Camilo showed an early fascination with machinery. At the age of six, he attempted to figure out how an air conditioner works, but did not truly understand the mechanics until he took Physics, a course obviously not offered in any elementary school.

His mechanical curiosity led him to attempt to make a remote controlled car and various computers — he would salvage parts, put them together, and try to get them to work. This almost got him into trouble at home when he tried to dismantle his father’s Mac.

Before WPI, he attended The School of the Future in Gramercy Park, a project-based and academically rigorous public High School founded by Apple. He worked on the Computer Help Desk while there — a side trip after his time in his Middle School’s Web Design Club.

On August 20, 2005, Freshman Move-In Day, he met Bob while the two of them were waiting on a line. They discussed the Apple backup (Mobile Me) server — Alex’s suggestion was for Bob to run his own server. And so a friendship was born.

Alex made Neuron Robotics’ first printed circuit board, and comes in as a co-inventor of the Bowler Communications System. His role has been, and continues to be, as a Developer/Co-Founder.

The company affords a satisfying sense of purpose to Alex. He wants Neuron Robotics to standardize the field of robotics, and help to make it no longer considered a stand-alone type of discipline as many devices now contain controllers.

Alex’s dream is for “monotonous and tedious things to be done by … things that don’t mind [monotony] and [tedium].”. However, there’s no sense in making such machines care about monotonous and tedious activities. “There’s no reason for me to have a self-aware toaster. Yeah, that’ll be awkward.”

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