Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is a Co-Founder of Neuron Robotics and a co-inventor of the Bowler Communications System

Kevin started working on a Mechanical Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), but switched after two years to Robotics Engineering when the major became available. He attended WPI from which he has graduate with distinction.

His Major Qualifying Project at WPI was with telepresencce robotics. He had to build the infrastructure from scratch and there was no time to make the application. He compared notes with Bob — who had virtually the same problem — and they discussed how to do things differently. This was back in August of 2008, and Kevin “banged out a little board to talk to Ethernet”. This was the beginning of Neuron Robotics. The prototype was a “rat’s nest of wires with a few LEDs”. But it was a start.

In addition to his developmental work for Neuron Robotics, he also works with Professor Fisher at WPI in order to develop software for an MRI-compatible robot.

His work with Neuron Robotics has been varied. It includes:

  • Designing and implementing the DyIO firmware
  • Designing and implementing the NR Boot-loader firmware and application
  • Developing the Bowler Communication System (BCS) in conjunction with Robert Breznak and Alex Camilo.

Most recently he has been working on The Technocopia Project, a system of open source, pipelined industrial automation equipment for direct digital manufacturing. The Technocopia Project is dedicated to green manufacture and localized automation made available to everyone.

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