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The Dynamic Input / Output module is a piece of hardware, a USB computer peripheral, that allows users to quickly and easily connect any computer with the physical world in a way that has never been easier. Plug sensors, LEDs, servos and other peripherals directly into the DyIO’s channels and then use a normal computer or laptop to get values from sensors and set values for outputs. It is the first module that is powered by the Bowler Communications System (BCS) .

Easy to Use

Connect the DyIO with a USB cable and start playing with sensors, motors and other pieces in minutes You can start collecting data, moving servos and setting outputs without writing a single line of code. Coding with the DyIO couldn't be easier. Check out the 'No Programming' development application NR-Console. Once your ready to begin programming, check out our programming tutorials to see some examples.

Cross Platform - Use what you know

We've tested the DyIO on all major operating systems. This means that users are able to write code on Mac deploy to Linux and test in Windows without having to worry about different tool chains. Users are able to get up and running in as little as 8 minutes. Likewise, you can use almost any programming language or environment, currently implemented in Java, Python (Jython). Any other langauge can be added as well, from C to MatLab to Excel! Using the Neuron Robotics Development Kit, users already have a powerful library out-of-the-box with standard Java SE.

Advanced Features

Dynamic Inputs & Outputs
The DyIO has 24 channels that can configure to be whatever mix of inputs and outputs is need at the time. The inputs can be set to asynchronous modes so that the DyIO will send alerts when there are changes verses having to poll inputs constantly.The outputs can use the USB line for power or can use the external battery connection for higher current applications (i.e. servos) Drive up to 24 servos simultaneously!

  • 24x Digital Input – All channels
  • 24x Digial Output – All channels
  • 24x Servo Output – All channels
  • 8x 10 bit Analog Input – Channels 8 – 15
  • 4x PWM Output – Channels 4 – 7
  • 4x DC motor controller signals – Channels 4 – 7, with direction flags
  • 1x Asynchronous Serial (UART) In & Output – Channels 16 & 17
  • 1x Synchronous Serial (SPI) In & Output – Channels 0,1, & 2
  • 4x Counter/Encoder (Tick, Direction & Home) Inputs
  • 4x Stepper Controller (A, B & Home toggle) Outputs
  • R/C PPM signal reader on Channel 23
  • 8x Real-Time, dynamically configurable controllers (PID)

PID in hardware

The DyIO features a cutting edge PID control system. This system lets you link any input to any output with the DyIO managing real-time control. Each PID group allows one input (counter or analog input) to be linked to one output (DC motor or Servo) in a real-time closed loop controller.

Open Communications

Controlled via the Bowler Communications System. Interoperates with any BCS complaint system! Addressed via IEEE standard MAC address. Built-in USB is a universal serial port. No drivers needed on most systems. USB connection allows users to directly plug-in the DyIO to their computer or they can use the Bowler Expansion Port to use other communication types (i.e. the bluetooth wireless module) The Bowler Expansion Port allows the device to communicate using different add-on peripherals (i.e. the bluetooth wireless module) naively so swapping out one module for USB or a different module is seamless. User update-able firmware allows users to get the latest updates and deploy it to their devices in the field.

Open Source firmware

We have decided to release the source code for our firmware as dual-licence, BSD for non-commercial, and a commercial embedding licence. The instructions on how to build can be found on our Google Code Project page

Device Details

For access to more detail on the DyIO, such as LED descriptions and device details, check out our documentation page.

  • Java 1.7
  • Windows 7, Linux 3.1 kernel or Mac OSX 10.6 and up
  • USB 2.0 port
Drivers and Software:
  • 3" x 3" x 0.5"
  • 0.1" between channel pins (bread board & hobby servo friendly)
Price: $74.99

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