Hexapod Kit

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Dynamic Gait Generation

Let the computer handle your hexapod's gait, With the NR-RDK (Neuron Robotics Robot Development Kit) Legged robot development is even easier then ever, With one simple configuration file the NR-RDK's BasicWalker class handles all the complicated kinematics and gait generation. Just tell the robot where you want it to go and watch it walk!

Scale Up

The Neuron Robotics Hexapod is a low cost, mini hexapod. It was build to demonstrate the DyIO's cooperative motion planning system. The library that controls the hexapod uses a configuration file to determine the physical layout of the hexapod so you can scale up without gutting your existing project code! The BasicWalker library encapsulates all kinematics functions allowing you to work with ANY hexapod that you use the DyIO as a controller. Just use the configuration file editor and generator Built into NRConsole.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Neuron Robotics DyIO
  • All plastic body pieces
  • 18 micro servos
  • Various nuts/bolts

All Acrylic parts have a 2 week lead time

  • Hexapod Wiki Project Page
  • Hexapod Assembly Guide
  • Price: $300.00

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