Neuron Robotics Development Kit


The Neuron Robotics Development Kit is a development package of applications and libraries that allows users to quickly develop with the DyIO and other products compatible with the Turbo BCS. Use the installer for your system to get setup quickly or use the no-install zip to add it to a system image.

Neuron Robotics Console

The Neuron Robotics Console is an application that allows users to hit the ground running. Its easy to use interface allows users to click and play with hardware like never before. Quickly debug robots, collect data and analyze results. This application can be found in the "bin" directory of your install path. For more information, check out the NR-Console introduction page.

Java SDK

With the Java SDK, developers are able to tap into the functionality of Bowler hardware without ever needing to leave standard Java SE. Users are able to jump right into development using the provided API and can follow along with our tutorials. The Neuron Robotics SDK is a full featured robotics development environment. Included are basic and advanced control libraries for everything from face tracking to kinematics.

Open Source

We have released the Java SDK and the Java Serial library as an open source projects under the Apache 2 license. For the sources, check out our Google Code projects:

Installation Instructions

  • (Windows) Be sure Java 6 (32 bit) or higher is installed. Double click on the nrdk-(version).exe and follow the wizard.
  • (Ubuntu) Be sure 'OpenJDK' 6 or higher is installed. Double click on the .deb file and use 'Software Center' to install this package.
  • (Mac OS) No installation is needed. Unzip the .zip files and navigate to 'bin/nr-console.jar' and double click on it.
  • Requirements

    • Operating Systems:
      • Windows Vista / 7
      • OS X 1.6+
      • Linux 2.6+
      • Linux 3.0+
    • Java 7 JRE / JDK

    Release 3.8.9



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